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In the name of Rembrandt, Vermeer et al
Amsterdam's treasure trove of "8,000 artistic and historical objects that tell the story of 800 years of Dutch history, from the year 1200 right up to the present". The museum started life in 1800 in the Hague, then moved to Amsterdam eight years later, shifting to its current location in 1885. The stately but fairytale-like red brick building, designed by Pierre Cuypers and opened in 1885, was given a €375m makeover between 2004 and its full-throttle reopening by Queen Beatrix in April 2013. The resulting transformation, care of architects Antonio Cruz and Antonio Ortiz (from Seville) and museological designer Wilmotte (from Paris), is a triumph, combining detailed restoration and a return to the original layout with many new and modern features, including an expansive, airy and high-ceilinged hall with user-friendly café and bookstall, partly reminisecent of Tate Modern in London. The museum's centrepiece tourist attraction is Rembrandt's magnificent De Nachtwacht (The Night Watch), but there's a lot more here including not one or two but three Vermeers, other Rembrandt masterworks such as Isaac and Rebecca (aka The Jewish Bride) and painted or sculpted works by Hals, Jan Brueghel the Elder, Hals, Hondecoeter, Cornelisz van Haarlem, Tilman Riemenschneider and others. Another gem is the visually stunning library – Holland's largest art history collection, open to the public only since April 2013. 'Rijksmuseum' translates as 'national museum'.


    • stevenlavigne
      stevenlavigne Over a year ago
      Loves it

      A World Class Museum. The first couple of times I visited the Rijksmuseum, I thought it was a dump. Stuff was put on the wall with what seemed like little curation. The place was closed for ten years, and what a miracle those ten years created! The building has been redesigned, open to the natural light, and the works are spread out in period, and with room to breathe. The Night Watch, for example, was stuffed against other pieces, and now lives in a room by itself, where it can vibrate. Do not miss the Delft Collection or the De Stijl pieces. This is a museum to be proud of!

    • sbw1174
      sbw1174 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      a must see
      Worth the visit, if one place to pick make it this one

    • draggingabag
      draggingabag Over a year ago
      Loves it

      A must see
      You may need to go more than one time, but well worth it, and very close to the Van Gogh museum.

    • YourPalPete
      YourPalPete Over a year ago
      Loves it

      You Have to See the Rembrandts
      The building itself has a very interesting and distinctive 17th century architectural style. Rijksmuseum is a fairly large museum with an extensive collection of Dutch paintings. I have to admit that the paintings are not really from my favorite era of art. But I was astounded when I saw some of the Rembrandts that I remembered from my old Art History courses. When I saw The Night Watch, my jaw dropped at the size of it. On display are many paintings from the Dutch golden age, and if you have an appreciation of that period, this museum is a must-see. And if not (like me), take an hour and just look at some of the Rembrandts and Vermeers. It's worth your time, especially if you find yourself in the Museum Quarter of Amsterdam.