Euro Faerie Sauna Gathering 12-12-2012


The EuroFaeries are an international queer organisation. Mainly gay man attend gatherings but all genders and queer friendly people are welcome. More info about the EuroFaeries can be found here:

We will have the sauna for ourselves. There will be people from the sauna behind the bar. You can buy tea’s, fruit juices, soup, bread-rolls and such.

We’re planning a heart circle from 19h30 till about 21h00. So If you are able to come earlier you'll have time to enjoy the sauna before and eat some food. (We won’t do a potluck dinner at sauna gatherings. Please let Wim know if you can make some extra salad for us. We will cover the costs of that.) You can buy food at the bar of the sauna, but if you are a big eater, eating before the sauna would be best.

After the heart circle we can enjoy the sauna a bit more. We really need to be out of the sauna at 22h30. There are lots of nice places to go for a drink afterwards in the surroundings of the sauna though.

You can rent a towel at the sauna of bring your own. They advise to bring of buy slippers. The sauna has a very nice dry sauna and a small but pleasant steam-bath. The costs will be 15 euro or less if you don’t have much to spend (plus what you buy at the bar).
Please let us know if you are planning to come, here or by email. The previous times the sauna was full so please reserve your place.


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