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Saturday 2 march Chocolate Club @ Club Lite

"Conscious, Non Toxic, Hearth core, Club Night"


✯20:30-02:00: High energy Conscious Clubbing
✯20:30-22:00: Raw Treat and Greet special
✯21:30-02:00: Local, Eco, Hand made mini market
✯20:30-02:00: Superfood Cafe with special demo
✯21:30-02:00: Massages
✯22:00-01:00: Energise-me Healing area
✯02:00-03:00: Special after celebration with free thee

▷Ticket: 12,50 euro at the door
▷Ticket: 10,00 euro pre-sale check adresses below
▷Ticket: 23,50 euro Treat and Greet incl entrance

Location: Club Lite
Adres: Jan van Galenstraat 24, 1051 KM Amsterdam

✯ Music

This edition we will bring you a special opening set by ..... Expect a musical journey into the unexpected with amazing music from the 70, 80 and 90's. After this our new Local hero True Identity will once again take you trough the roof into a cosmic high while your feet are still on the dance floor.

We will host a second room with music to offer more then the blazing beats on the main dance floor. Expect music with chants, world beats, to go deep within and express your creativity or your inner silence while lounging by candle light.
This edition we've asked ..... to select there finest tunes.

♫ special opening set by .....
♫ high energy blazing beats by Leo Melcherts
♫ global beats by Rolan
♫ sophisticated travels by Marty Z

✯ Raw Treat and Great:

No more extensive dinners and long sit downs but a special area where we can meet and start our night with a bite:

- spicy taco cracker with guacamole & quinoa
- zucchini spaghetti with pistachio basil pesto
- coconut curry cracker with cashew cream & fresh topping
- amazing apple pie
- marinated almonds

▷ please come at 20:30 so you don't miss a treat :-)
▷ tickets only in pre sale order

✯ Mini Market:

We love those creative spirits that are amongst us and craft local, eco, hand made super goodies, hosted by ..... we are sure that we'll only offer the finnest:


✯ Superfood Cafe:

The cafe is the perfect spot to sit down and nourish yourself with our healthy but sweet superfood treats. Special tip is our RAW snack plate with almonds or a crunchy muesli with crackers and dipping. During the night we will have a demo to inspire you to make your own chocolates by Imaya Sabine Some like it raw:


✯ Massages:

There is nothing more rewarding then a massage in between to dance trips. Lay down, drift away, relax and come back to try your new body connection on the dance floor. We all know ..... & ..... are fantastic :-) we are so grate full they are with us us every month anchoring that high clubbing vibration

✯ Energise-me Healing area:

Bring in the Rife Phanatron tube, ...... and maybe even the multiwave station

✯ pre sale:

We share our vision of a healthy heart core happy world with many great care takers, please get a special discount ticket at:

▽ sorry not for Raw Treat and Great

▽ Only expect the best at Chocolate club
for extra info, questions or co creator projects mail to:

[email protected]


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