90% love it
Free-spirited approach to drinking and clubbing
A wholistic restaurant experience, Supperclub is part of Masterpeace – an international movement that seeks to "inspire everyone around the world to use their talent and energy for building peace and togetherness using music, art, social media, events and dialogue to bring opposites together and prevent new armed conflict". So not just a night out. The venue is as experimental as the ethos, with a cocktail bar, restaurant, gallery and club all under one roof. The newer location features "la salle neige (the white theatre hall) and l’entresol (the balcony)". Dinner is a mysterious five-course affair (a surprise menu), with the option to have not all five components. Following dinner and entertainment the club portion of the evening kicks in. The concept started here in Amsterdam in 1991, with outlets now in Istanbul, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London and Dubai. Occasional gay-related themed nights.