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95% love it
Still pulls them in
Straightforward and cruisy bar with a history and, given its continued popularity, a future it seems. Motto = "cosy, be yourself, erotic". The leather/textile balance veers far more heavily in favour of the latter than in olden days — and with a bear presence — but the bar retains a certain pleasurably and reassuringly sleazy feel, underscored by an upstairs darkroom with ten individual cabins and a sling. Sunday late afternoons and early evenings attract a regular and relaxed but still up-for-it crowd. Friday evening Happy Hour pulls them in. Opened in 1985 by a guy named Barry. Current owner Ray Jones took over in 1987. There's been no rooftop access since 1995 owing to neighbour-unfriendly public sex. Leather-serious BLUF stages its events here, including Sunday monthly 'no strict dress code' Social Afternoon get-togethers.