Cafe 't Mandje

100% love it
Is this the world's oldest gay bar?
An extraordinary institution started in 1927 by maverick motorcycle-riding leather-jacketed lesbian Bet van Beeren (1902–67), who bought the bar in Zeedijk (off the Warmoesstraat) from her uncle and made it her own until her death in 1967, when younger sister Margaretha 'Greet' van Beeren (1923-2007) took it over and ran it until 1982, when the area had taken a turn for the worse. The small and heavily decorated bar lay dormant (but dusted, aired and vacuumed) until 2008, when the sisters' niece Diana van Laar and her husband restored the museum-like premises, characterised by old photos, copper vases and plates, statuettes, bottles, hats, shoes, jukebox, wall clock, billiard table, stained-glass windows, souvenirs, stuffed lizards, bear and tiger heads and the like, much of it dangling from the ceiling. Attracts an older crowd and remains a welcoming and local-feeling place to have a drink. Located at the start of Chinatown. The name translates as 'The Little Basket'. Closed Monday.


    • bgluckman
      bgluckman Over a year ago
      Loves it

      A fun neighborhood place with a cool historic vibe. A nice change of pace from the rest of the red light district.