FickstutenMarkt Horse Fair (at Eagle Amsterdam)

100% love it
High-concept meat market giving new meaning to horseplay
Amsterdam outlet of the Berlin sex concept started in 2005. Making a good thing out of the concept 'just put a bag over its head', the FickstutenMarkt (Horse Fair, with 'fick' translated as you might expect) rounds up a pool of naked/chaps-wearing mares (Stuten), literally covers them from the neck up in a bag (white for safe sex, red for less so, and worn for the entire evening), then opens its stable doors to cocky stallions (Hengste), who are then given free and easy access to the arses of their liking. Amsterdam's now-defunct Argos was the first bar outside of Germany to stage this event. Following its closure in January 2015, the WareHouse took over, with the Eagle now playing host every three months following the likewise demise of the WareHouse in 2016. Check Eagle website for next event.